Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cri du Coeur

Cri du Coeur 10 x 20"

This is one of those pieces that marinated for a long time in my mind and then just came together. The large Fleur de Lis was a flea market find, the wooden heart from Michael's, the canvas a $3.00 bargain from a local garage sale. The beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons a recent purchase from Lina G's here in Morro Bay.

I used gesso and cheese cloth on the canvas, then covered it with craft acrylics in blue, white and red. Drips formed a semi-grid over which I collaged two Xerox-copies of vintage photos of the Nazi army marching into Paris. I stenciled Fleurs de Lis and then splattered the three colours of paint over the entire surface. Small Fleur de Lis brads are scattered across the piece. The brass Fleur de Lis is anchored to the wooden heart with red wire and the heart is nailed to the canvas frame with gold tacks reading "1940". The ribbons are attached with another tack, "6" to represent June, the month that Paris fell that year. In honour of Bastille Day, celebrated tomorrow. Vive La France!

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