Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cigar Box Wednesday

Pull tabs. Mostly modern, but if you look close you may see a few of the vintage ones from the '60's and '70's. A few in colours, mostly silver.

Here's a clever idea from ECrater

I not sure what I'm planning to do with them, but they seem like one of those things that might be just right for an assemblage project someday. Any other ideas?


  1. Love love love the first picture! Was it taken with your new camera?

  2. oh do tell me what you end up doing with these.
    i too have a huge collection of them and thought they would work for 'fish scales' on an art piece i just finished, (can be seen it on my blog its titled 'Silver Fish") but i ended up using silver buttons and other silvery things.

    but i just know these 'pull tabs' have potential.

  3. I love the sheer geometry of this. So many things could happen, here. For some reason, I keep thinking of a door curtain, with fibers and ribbons threaded through the lengths of them.