Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day of the Dead -Preview

Only a little over week and it will be time for
 Dia de Los Muertos - Day of the Dead.

 I get a bit of an early start and made this tag, using red rosin
paper, gessoed and textured with cheese cloth.

 Colour laid on with acrylic paint and oil pastels. Then I used the oil pastels on a xerox copy of a sugar skull, after cutting out various designs on it so the background would show through. It was affixed with gel medium.

Two final touches - a glass skull and a mix of Mexi-coloured
 yarn and fibers through the hole at the top.


  1. Erin, these sides are fantastic! You have some of the best popping colors, ever. I love that skull, too. I have done not one stitch of Halloween. I am bereft of mojo. This is a truly inspirational post!

  2. Chris - Well your mojo has 5 or 6 days left, so get busy girl!