Friday, October 19, 2012

Workshop - The Last Day

That's me, hard at work on the last day of 
the incredible 4 days of art, art, art!

There were only about a dozen of us left, as many 
had to return home following the Sunday class.

Here,  above and below, are some of the
wonderful pieces created,
by my talented classmates,
using red rosin paper, Portfolio oil pastels, paint,
black and white toner copies and lots of creative genius.

Lynne encouraged us all to keep layering, 
to add more and more and then 
just that little bit more after that.

Here's part of the panel I did,
 (will get a better picture in an upcoming blog). 
Lots of layers, lots of colour - it works well.

A last glance at Friday Harbor as the ferry pulled out.  
A great six days - what a ride!!


  1. How Much Fun Is This?!??!?!? to read? Thanks for the photos.

  2. Wow!! I am so glad you got to attend this fantastic opportunity!! How fun!

  3. Chris - Such fun to get to take the workshop and than to be able to share it with all the blog buddies.

  4. Sharon - Me too. It had been a long 3 years since the last time I got to go to an art workshop so I was loooong overdue. It was a blast!