Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonder Web Wednesday

This is not an art website, not a decorating website or even a rusty website - but for all of us who love to read.  Art has been my passion for the last nine years, but reading has been with me since I started grade school. I've never been without a book since.

And what I like to read most is fiction.  And the fiction I like to read most are series.  That's where this wonderful web  comes in.  Look up an author - there are all the series written by that author in order! - I know!  Look up a book and it will give you a link to the author and the list of series.  Some people can read series out of order - but that's not me (and I know it's not you either) so this website is a god-send.  It's all there, at your fingertips whenever you need to know. In order, with a short synopsis and picture of the cover.  There are also links to different sites in the UK and USA where one can purchase said books.  If you love to read, this is definitely a web to "bookmark!"


  1. This really CAN come in handy. I couldn't remember what order the Pern series was in. This would have been so helpful. And now I know about it!

  2. Chris - Just a normal service provided by your librarian!