Thursday, April 25, 2013

Journal Spots - Near & Far

J P Licks - Ice Cream and Cafe - Jamaica Plain, Boston

 Wherever we go on our travels, near and far,
 I always like to find a favourite spot to
 sip a latte or chai and journal.

 The Old Crown Pub in Uley, Gloucestershire, England

The main things I look for are a great ambiance, 
room to spread out a bit, and friendly staff.
But  good coffee and delicious scones are important too!

Lovely journaling spot in the garden of 
Anne Somerset Miles in Warwikshire, England

I've never been to Anne's but when
she posted this picture on facebook
it just looked like the perfect spot to sit, relax
and do some journaling.

Kelley's Espresso and Desserts, Cayucos, CA.

Here's my"local" -Kelley's.  You'll find me here every Saturday morning before work, with a big cup of coffee and the most delicious scones on the Central Coast.


  1. erin
    how true! i guess this must be a 'thing' with some artists....i do this too. find a spot that is cozy, and bright, filled with the smell of fresh brewed coffee and baked goods. i like to sit, and watch as people go by, as they greet each other, and as they interact.

    btw: my husband's family gets together every july and spends a week in cayukos hanging out on the beach and just enjoying time together. i will look for you at kelleys this year, would love to meet another creative type.

  2. Rebeca - It's a great place.with a friendly staff. Lovely small town atmosphere and, of course, the ocean just 1/2 a block away!

  3. Love Kelley's!! We go there any time we visit.
    I'm so bad about journaling while on location. I almost always wait until I get home to do the writing part.

  4. Chris - I have this compulsion to do it on the spot. Many's the time I've stayed up way too late or got up way too early to get to my journaling!