Monday, April 15, 2013

Museum Monday - Louvre, Paris

One could literally spend a lifetime visiting the Louvre.  Its extensive collections and multitude of galleries and exhibit space are legend.  We had a Wednesday morning in early May and went with a plan of the few things we most wanted to see and where to find them once we were inside.

Margot had been before, but this was my first time.  On this midweek morning, before tourist season geared up, the museum was delightfully uncrowded.

Our first goal was La Gioconda -  Mona Lisa.  We were incredibly blessed. When we reached the gallery where she waited on the end wall, no one else was there!  We actually were able to stand right in front of the panting and gaze our fill without being surrounded by jostling, noisy crowds.  Surprised by the relative smallness of the work, and awed to be in the presence  of this iconic image, it was wonderful to have the time to really see and study her.

Then to one of Margot's favourites The Winged Victory, standing tall and proud (and oh so impressive!) at the top of her staircase. Interestingly enough, I was overwhelmed by how big this piece was -definitively awe inspiring.

Margot loves this picture she took of me looking up at the Venus de Milo -two beauties she says, but then, we were on our honeymoon!

Marie Arrives at Marseilles

Our last stop of the morning was the Rubens gallery -
Baroque overload - opulent, colourful,
 over the top and wonderful.

I would love to visit again and again, and I know we'll be back the next time we get to travel to Paris. I envy Parisians many things - their macaroons, their sidewalk cafes, their flea markets and their daily access to one of the most amazing museums in the world.


  1. Those minutes alone with the Mona Lisa are among the most memorable of my life. Truly a gift from the universe!

  2. Oh, so wonderful, and gorgeous! And the Louvre is beautiful, too!

  3. Margot - Yes, it was amazing wasn't it?

  4. Chris - Did you two get to spend much time there when you were in Paris?