Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wonder Web Wednesday

Melissa Zink was a remarkable artist.  Her body of work, which continued to evolve over her nearly 40 year career, is ever fresh, innovative and intriguing. 

She was a sculptor in clay and created small vignettes of moments in time.  She also made life sized forms that stood tall and proud.   

She loved the book, its form, its contents, what it represented and the unique meaning it had for each individual. Her personal library filled shelf after shelf throughout her home. Her typedrawer pieces were hinged to represent the book form.

"Many artists fall short because they lack either the technical skill or the intellect or the heart to create the art that they envision,” Hollis Walker wrote following Zink's passing in 2009.  

“Melissa Zink had all three in great measure, and that’s what made her work so powerful.  I always felt great anticipation before she unveiled a new series; I couldn’t wait to see where she would next turn."

Zink's website shows a year by year retrospective of her work. For more on her work and life check out the wonderful book by Hollis Walker -  Zink: The Language of Enchantment.


  1. Thank you for reminding us about Melissa Zink, for deepening our appreciation for her and her work. xo

  2. Marylinn - Lynne first introduced me to the artistic delight of Melissa Zink - truly an amazing talent and fascinating person.

  3. Thank you for this introduction, I have not heard of her. Will go pour over the website.

    Also enjoyed the spring suitcase tour and your piece. I have those same wire mesh them!

  4. Stephanie - Aren't those roses the best? My wife found them to use as shoe embellishments and I raided her stash! Must have been fun to get out on your bike again!