Saturday, April 13, 2013

Suitcase Saturday Travel Score

The first big trip Margot and I took together was
an Olivia cruise in the eastern Caribbean for
a week on a five masted sailing ship!
 It was sheer magic.

Hand painted blouse from Nevis

We stopped at several islands as we sailed from
 Barbados up to St. Martin's and back again.

Watercolour and larimar ring from Iles des Saintes

It was my first cruise (and the sailing aspect has
 spoiled me for regular cruise liners) and I loved it. 

 Pastis from St. Barts

Sitting around the pool, drinking pina coladas,
 hearing the wind fill the sails and watching the beautiful 
Caribbean ocean slide by underneath the bow.

Pussy Willow necklace and earrings from Barbados

We sat on virgin white beaches, 
climbed through jungles and 
swam under waterfalls.

Ceramic fruit stand from Sint Maarten

And of course we brought home a
 few souvenirs to remember our trip.


  1. Love the sailing ships! The only cruise that I experienced was a "Windjammer Barefoot Cruise" to the Bahamas... right through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. In a storm. A BIG storm. Those other cruises are for babies. Details over coffee!

  2. Lisa - You're are so right! We loved it. One night it was really blowing and the water was splashing on the portholes in the dining room. Lots of people were nervous, but Margot and I thought it was great!

  3. We loved our Olivia cruise to the Virgin Islands! It was just about perfect! I would not enjoy the sailing cruise, I'm afraid. I tend to be very... sensitive...

  4. Chris - We were so spoiled by the sailing, that we've decided to never cruise any other way! Good thing there's both ways to suit different tastes!