Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nicky Ruxton

Margot and I attended an inspiring talk given by jewelry designer Nicky Ruxton presented by PenWAG - the Peninsula Wearable Art Guild in Campbell, CA.  There were ample opportunities for shopping and a class offered in the afternoon.

Nicky's talk took us through her life from childhood, school, college and up through the decades. A fascinating journey that lead from art school to graphic design to box making to collage and finally to the amazing jewelry designs she's become known for. She calls her style Industrial Artwear.

This is a woman who salivates at the sight of rusty detritus and would rather visit a metal scrap yard than the local mall - our kind of person n'est-ce pas?

Her motto is "Say yes to life!" and her story shows how she's done that over and over again.  I was inspired and uplifted by her talk and loved her jewelry!


  1. It's wonderful!! I especially like the cuffs ~

  2. bobbie - Aren't they great? It was a kick to see them in person!

  3. Wow! My kind of person also. I am more happy at Harbor Freight & Home Depot than at the Mall! LOL