Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tag - You're It!

These two tags use Distress Paint on a rubber stamp as a resist

and then Distress Ink on top to bring out the resist.

And these three feature a technique called  Eroded Metallic.

 Start with several colours of Distress Paint in blues and greens,
then over paint with Metallic Bronze, spray with water,
partially dry and use a paper towel to remove some of the metallic paint.

In person, these tags actually look like patina-ed metal - amazing!


  1. Gorgeous! Especially the Eroded Metal ~

  2. bobbie - It looks even more amazing in person - you have to touch it to tell that it's paper!

  3. These are awesome! Love both techniques. I have been out of the blogging lately but getting back in and had to stop to check in with one of my favorite blogs! I see that you are still creating great art and have inspired me to get back to creating. Thanks for sharing. Take care, Amanda

  4. Amanda - Thanks! Getting back in the studio has been the biggest energy booster yet for me. These tags have been great fun to work on.