Monday, March 3, 2014

Supplies - Swoon!

Is there anything better than art supplies?

 I can't pass by an art supply or craft store,

 I have to go in and look, and often buy,
not that I need more, but you know...

 ...they are irresistible, colourful, and I might
 need and use them - sometime!

I look at it this way - more healthy than liquor,
 they don't make you gain weight and they're not illegal!


  1. Books and art supplies, irresistible. Why even try? xo

  2. I know of only one thing better than art supplies!

    (nuff said)

  3. YUM...juicy and delicious. Love them all. I am especially fond of the cans of spray paints that show the colors on the tops. Liquitex if I'm not mistaken.

  4. Barbara - Yes indeed, Liquitex spray paints - no smell, and all the wonderful artist colours. I use them constantly.