Thursday, April 24, 2014

Insect Balls - on the Cheap!

 I was at our local Beverley's (a fabric and craft store)
 the other day and I found this upstairs
in the clearance department.

 These were originally $26.95 for six. 
 Only five left and only $5.00 for the lot!

 They are ceramic and about 3" in diameter.

I love them, I guess they appeal to the
 Victorian entomologist in me.

 I'm not sure if they'll end up in an art project - 
something steam-punky perhaps?

Or if I'll just put them in a big bowl and enjoy looking at them.  
But either way how could I resist, I mean, $5.00?!?!


  1. Lucky you!! They are fabulous!!
    How about some kind of Victorian 'showcase' (via altered art) for them? Or just an old dark, heavy-looking wire bowl? Show us what you decide on!

  2. bobbie - I think it will be a case of having to narrow down the ideas - but aren't they fabulous! I will definitely blog about the results.

  3. They are fine, my totem lepidoptera among them. Bargains are the best things, especially perhaps Victorian bargains. xo

  4. Marylinn - They are irresistible aren't they? Bargains, and as you say, Victorian ones - no contest!