Monday, April 28, 2014

Last Few Tags (til next time!)

Two more tag techniques from Tim Holtz.  The first using a Distress Paint marbled background with plastic numbers from Idea-olgy that are dabbed with Distress paint then rubbed in places before dried with a heat tool.

I love the shabby look lifting off some of the paint gives, just be watchful with the heat tool, too much will melt the plastic.

The second technique calls for covering the tag in metal foil tape - aluminum in this case.  Then putting it into an embossing folder.  I used a rolling pin to do the embossing.  I have a machine that my daughter (the one who's a Michael's manager) got me for Christmas, but I'm embarrassed to say I haven't learned how to use yet!.  It sorta worked, but obviously better results would have been had with a machine.  The two patterns I tried are from ClutterBug - Fleur de Lis and Spots and Dots

Then you coat the foil tape with Distress Paint, I use Antiqued Bronze. Then you wipe away most of the paint.  The idea is that the paint will sink into the embossed parts and wipe off the surface.  It would have worked better if the embossing was deeper (which it would have been with a machine) but it still left an interesting surface. Guess my next project is to learn how to use that machine!!

I put all the tags I've done so far on a big key ring, where I can flip through them and study the techniques any time I want or need to.  It was fun working on these "mini-projects", I learned lots of new ways to use the paints and inks and it felt good to finish up so many.


  1. A full house of techniques, things I didn't know about, certainly have not tried. Will you share when you use your embossing machine? Stuck in the stone age down here. xo

  2. Marylinn - I will, but I have to get up my courage and energy - I'm quite computer literate, I blog, I manage my website and my cell phone, but for some reason this machine seems daunting. I just need to pick a day, invite Jenny (daughter) and/or Destiny ( co-worker and dear friend) over and let them instruct me.
    I'll keep you posted.

  3. New gadgets always stun me. I just sit there, stunned. Stun is the operative word. Even if I sunned myself, a new gadget would leave me stunned.

    These tags are stunning.