Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Invoice Journal

My latest daily journal is a different format than I've ever tried.  When I saw this book  I knew It would be something wonderful to play around with.  The cut-out letters on the front,

and instead of regular paging inside - two folders to hold the book and a map (or in my case - to hold the vintage invoices that would become the journal entries.  I added the line of resin books  (which I picked up in a hardware store in Oxfordshire) on the cover over the original illustration.

I have a vast collection of  invoices from the late 1800's and early 1900's.  I've spent some time altering them
and using them in various artworks - but I thought "Hey - wouldn't they make great journal pages?"

 So that's what I've done, I add a few bits of old tariff stamps, 

rub-ons and rubber stampings to the front,

 And write my daily entry on the back of each invoice, if I need more room I just continue onto another invoice.   It's working out great and I love handling and using the marvelous old paper, seeing the beautiful Copperplate writing and seeing the century old prices!