Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'70's Chic?

How's that title for an oxymoron?  My friend Joen found these outrageous sewing "how-to" books at a recent library book sale and thought I could do something fun with them.

 All the covers were fabric of some kind -
 linen, faux leather, corduroy, etc.

I cut the book blocks out and prepped the inside
spines with cloth book tape.  

Then spent a pleasurable hour picking out paper and cutting it to size.  Since the books are thin I planned on 3 signatures each, containing watercolour and scrapbook paper and some wonderfully colourful sheets from Italy.

I sewed them together with a kettle stitch
and then glued into the covers. 

 They looked great - but needed that something extra.  Margot suggested some stenciling on the covers (it's so handy to live with an artistic wife!) and that provided the final touch.

These will be available at our
Art Girlz in Autumn show in September. 


  1. Erin, this is so inventive. I love it!
    When is this artgirlz thing? I may come up there by myself to see it. It just always looks fun every time you talk about it.
    I'll go through the previous posts.

    Did you see Michelle Ward and Lynne are doing workshops together next May? I wish I could go!!

  2. Chris - Art Girlz in Autumn is on Sunday September 23 from 10-5. Would love to have you come up, as Lisa says, "We'll leave the light on for you".
    I did see that Lynne and Michelle are combining forces - I would love to go, but the plane fair back to Conn. plus the lodging would be killer. If either of us wins the lottery - let's plan for it - your favourite and my favourtie together!!