Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leanne's Studio

Over the weekend Margot and I went up for a quick trip to Los Gatos in the San Jose area to see our good friend Leanne.  She and Margot met several years ago in a wearable art group and though Margot had been a guest at Leanne's place several times this was my first visit.

 I had heard so much about Leanna's fabulous studio
and was not disappointed. 

  Up on the second floor with two walls of windows
that look out on lots of greenery, 
and massive amounts of storage.  

Built-in drawers, full of yarns and fibers, and cabinets, a huge mid-room island and enough supplies to open her own craft shop.

 Leanne is a fearless creator, who will delve into any technique and she loves to experiment.  Her latest love is melting  - Angelina fibers, plastic bits from the Dollar Store and Tyvek; all are combined, shot with a heat gun and turned into beautiful art.

We had a lovely time - dinner on her peaceful deck by a softly flowing creek, getting to see her latest "finds" (to die for!) from a shopping expedition to FABMO  and just talking and laughing and having a wonderful mini-vacation!

 On the way home we dropped by a wonderful paper shop in San Jose and came up with some delightful finds of our own.


  1. Oh Erin, what a beautiful studio to be able to visit. I love seeing how folks organize so I can make my disaster better. Please share the name of the Paper Store in SJ. I am back and forth to San Fran so much, maybe I can find it on my way home someday. Thanx.

  2. Sharon - It's called Scrapbook Island - but its not the cutest sort of scsrapbook place. Great paper by Graphic 45, Basic Grey, etc. and very cool bits of vintage ephemera too. It's in a big shopping center at the corner of Kosser and Blossom Hill. Just Google Map Scrapbook Island San Jose and it will come up.

  3. Sorry - that's Kooser and Blossom Hill!