Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spray Paint Collage

 Some more of these fun spray paint panels using techniques from Mary Ann Moss's Stencilry Workshop, stencils from Mary Beth Shaw's Stencil Girl and Liquitex Spray Paints.

Canvas panels 11x14", covered in a background colour and then overlaid with two or more stencil layers.

It's  a real kick to watch the patterns emerge and see the colours relate to one another.

These will be at Art Girlz in Autumn in September,
 if I can bare to part with them!


  1. I want Liquitex spray paints! I can't find them anywhere, even Dick Blick. Oh,well. maybe I'm not supposed to have them? Stranger things have happened...

  2. Chris - Michael's has them. Grab a coupon and go get some!