Monday, August 20, 2012

Lost & Found

Lost & Found  each piece 4x4"

I wanted to create some smaller pieces for the upcoming Art Girlz in Autumn show in September and while I was trolling through one of my cigar boxes labeled "Rusty Stuff", I got an idea.

Some of these found objects are almost art in themselves - delightful patina, interesting shapes, etc. and I thought - why not a small canvas featuring just one of them?  With an appropriately colourful background of course!

So here's what I came up with using acrylic garnet gel, paint (red iron oxide, raw sienna and titanium buff).  Each canvas sports an old, rusty tool and an identifying  vintage number plaque.

I've decided to call the series Lost & Found  -
 available at Art Girlz in Autumn next month.


  1. I want to thank you for sending me those Pasticcios. I know I've been remiss in thanking you. I am so enjoying the, especially with the insomnia I've been having, and now the back issues. it's lovely to have something good to read and look at... and that's lightweight so I can hold it up when I'm lying on my back!

  2. Chris - My pleasure! I had fun with them, but now I have more shelf space and you get to have fun with them too - a win-win! LOL!