Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Constructing a Travel Journal

 This Saturday I'll be flying off to Missouri
to visit my older daughter Bronwyn. 
It will be my first trip there and,
actually, my first trip to the mid-west.

 I'll be staying five days and have made
 a small travel journal to use while I'll there.

The substrata is a board book 6x5" with very thick, hard pages,

I lightly sanded the pages to take off the slick covering 
so paper (from Tim Holtz idea-ology line) would adhere well with matte medium.

As I did in my Friday Harbor Journal from last October,
 I filled alternate pages with paper to write on 

and ones with collage paper on which I'll add ephemera and such.

It's just the right size to pop in my bag 
and pull out on the plane and everywhere else.

I'll show you some shots during the trip
 and then an overview once I'm back home.


  1. Oh, you will love Missouri, except maybe the humidity, but the best part, are the night sounds! So cool! I am heading back there next year for my Grandson's HS Graduation. Please tell Missouri that I said, "Hey" when you land! Have fun! Love the journal.

  2. Sharon - I've been warned about the humidity (though I've spent time on the gulf coast of Texas in July so I have an inkling of what I'm in for. And of course, I'll say "hey from Sharon"

  3. Oh, man, that's really cool. This is a great size for five days and the right 'feel' for the midwest. And we can always count on you to share the pages with us!

  4. Chris - I will certainly be sharing!