Saturday, August 3, 2013

Suitcase Saturday Score - Greenwich Market, London

We took a river boat down the Thames to
 the Greenwich Market in
 London (held every Thursday morning).

 My best score here was a set of four autograph books
 dating from the '20's and '30's.

Two of these were still in good enough shape
 that I was able to use them as journals.

Writing and collageing on the blank pages.

 I love the juxtaposition of my work next to the
 pictures and sayings of so long ago.

Many beautiful sketches and tender sentiments fill the pages,

 A sketch of mine from 2009 next to an entry from 1919.

 My stamp collage faces a page from 1920.

 I love this elegant lady from the roaring '20's,

and this lock of hair left in "best regards" so long ago.


  1. I love your autograph books and the journey down the Thames to find them. How wonderfully they adapt to sharing space with your words and images. What a find! xo

  2. Marylinn and bobbie - Indeed - what a find! The best £40 I spent while I was there (and that's saying something!)

  3. Oh my GOSH....I insist that we send the hair in for a DNA Analysis!

    SOME day I hope to hit Paris like a meteorite! If I DO, I'll request notes from the two of you!

  4. Lisa - Now wouldn't that DNA be interesting?

  5. Oh, wow, this is a GREAT idea. What a find. I love it.

  6. Chris- They make such wonderful little journals.