Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Glance at Missouri

Interior shot at Bass Pro Outdoor World

 I really enjoyed my trip to Missouri and
 had a lot of fun visiting with my daughter.

This Hwy cafe featured chicken gizzards!

There were things that made it very clear that
 I wasn't on the Central Coast of California.

Entrance to Bass Pro Outdoor World

Some of these were interesting and fun,

When they say sweet, they ain't kidding you'all!

Some slightly less healthy than usual.

Sign in parking lot at Battlefield Mall

And some disturbing - but I guess better
 than if they were allowed.  


  1. I love the weird, not use to in CA signs I see when I go back home. I need to remember to take pics. In Eldon, MO once I saw a BIG banner on the side of a McDonalds that read, "Catfish Buffet"! You sure ain't gonna see that where I live! LOL

  2. Sharon - Or how 'bout fries with gravey?!

  3. Yes! I have never tried it, but somewhere I saw a sign that said, Fries, gravy and a fried egg on top! Ewww not for me!

  4. Erin - Where's my mixed green salad with edamame and silvered yellow beets? Where's my brown rice and steamed baby squash? LOL!