Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flea Markets and Battlefields

 We started our day with some flea
market hopping and I scored big!

This beautiful Bakelite bracelet, in my favourite colour, 
a vintage tobacco tin and two cool little decorative finials.

But the coup de grace - two vintage locker baskets 
with the number tags still attached!

Then a quick lunch and we spent the afternoon at the
Wilson's Creek Battlefield, 10 miles southwest of Springfield.
The second major battle of the Civil War
 took place here on August 10 1861.

The Confederacy won the battle and
 this was influential in Missouri's decision to
support the Rebels during the 5 year long conflict. 

It was strange to stand on the steps of the old 
Ray House and look out over the battlefield.

Today, 152 years later, the sound of cannon fire
 and cry of human suffering has been replaced by the
clatter of cicadas and the sussuration of the summer breeze.


  1. That bracelet is SO beautiful! Looks like a really good piece.

    Battlefields are very intense places, aren't they? growing up in the DC are, we were surrounded: Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania. There's a LOT going on in those quiet fields. Unseen but deeply felt. I hope to go back and do some sketching, an exercise that always captures MORE.
    Can't wait to see what was on TODAY'S schedule!

  2. Nice haul! Those baskets are perfect ~

  3. Lisa - There definitely was an atmosphere. Living in California - no Civil War battlefields, so this was a unique experience for me.

  4. bobbie - The baskets are da bomb! My wonderful daughter went back and got the other two to give me for Christmas!