Monday, August 19, 2013

Toto - We're not in California anymore!

 So Bronwyn said we were going to lunch at Hemingways,
 a restaurant in the Bass Pro Outdoor World complex.

 This fills an entire shopping center sized area - it's ginormous!

 And the entire thing is under one roof, two stories high and decorated 

with waterfalls, rivers, trees, taxidermy animals, giant aquariums of huge river fish,

not to mention everything you need to hunt and fish,  
And  a surprisingly wonderful clothing area.
I don't need to go back,
 but it was an amazing experience.


  1. It's like the Casa Bonita of the Midwest!
    (I'll have to at least take you BY there when you come back to the Denver area).

    A wonderful clothing area? pick yourself up a fishing vest!


  2. Actually I picked up a very nice sweater!

  3. Yay!! That Bass Pro Shop was the first one! Now I have small one near me. Yep, I visit sometimes when I get homesick. I just pretend I am in the one in Springfield! Thanx for sharing! Have fun!