Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cart de Carte

 What do you get when you combine vintage
 faucet spigots, old carte de vista pictures,
retro sewing thread spools, a wooden cart, 
and a bit of imagination?

You get  a Cart de Carte!

Sort of a circus-y vibe, with these photos from the late 1800's, 
pennants and brightly coloured yarn and wheels.

I used Distressed paint on the wooden cart, 
affixed the spigots with Sugru, and 
everything else with heavy gel medium.

Fun to look at the photos and imagine the fun these
 people may have had at their day at the circus!


  1. Excellent job of marination! I like the combo of the B/W pix with the oh-so-colorful trimmings ~

  2. bobbie - Yes, that made a nice contrast - which I hadn't planned at first - but it happened during the marination!