Saturday, April 25, 2015

Santuario de la Soledad

Santuario de la Soledad  24x13

Here's the finished piece!  

And here's what it looked like when my friend Susan gave it to  me for Christmas.
She has a glorious knack for finding amazing, kitschy, incredible things at swap meets 
and flea markets.  One thing you know - a present from Susan will never be boring
and you'll always be able to figure out something wonderful to do with it! 

I've had the pewter angels and heart for several years
and the old iron rest even longer, just waiting for the 
perfect art piece - and this was it!

It was so much much fun raiding my boxes of crosses,
holy medals and scapulars to come up with all the 
embellishments for around the frame and inside the niche.

There is even a "secret" niche at the bottom - I put in holy
cards, a very old miniature testament, Prayers for Mass, an 
instruction book for Novenas and two candles.