Saturday, April 11, 2015

Marbleized Easter Eggs

A little late with this, but I did manage to get them done the day before Easter!  Found the tutorial on Tim Holtz's Blog. Step by step and easy to follow.  Plastic eggs from any craft store - either the kind that screw open and are shiny or the kind that are matte and look more like real eggs and alcohol inks in a variety of colours.

The results look remarkably like marbleized eggs
 and take hardly any time at all!

The first photo shows the eggs after I applied the alcohol inks, 

...the other pictures are after I applied a coat of matte sealer.
It gives a bit of shine and adds to the effect. 
 If you use the shiny plastic eggs to start with
 you can skip the sealer.

I was pleased with the results - easy, fun and beautiful decorations! 


  1. These are beautiful. Glad they're permanent, not meant to be cracked. xo

  2. Marylinn - We made some with real eggs when I was in high school - made the little holes at top and bottom and blew out the egg, then marbleized then in water with paint - lots more trouble and not quite as good looking as these. And of course - if you dropped them or they rolled off the table - they broke!