Monday, April 13, 2015

City-Wide Garage Sale -Score!

Every April Morro Bay has a City-Wide Garage Sale.  And every year more and more residents participate in it.  My daughter Jenny was over for the weekend and she generously was my chauffeur
and sherpa for the event.

As we all know garage sales can run the gamut from 
fantastic to stuff we can't believe people 
would even have, much less try to sell.

But usually each year I hit one or two that have
 great merchandise and this year was no exception!

Lots of very cool paper ephemera including old tickets, 
bank deposit books, and photo graphs.

A Cracker Jack tin for great storage, as well as a 
wooden tea box with delightful graphics.

I love these old art prints - great colours, and a
  Gray's Antatomy for 50 cents? Can't beat that!

But the steal of the day was this box of
vintage German glass Christmas ornaments.
Only $10.00 for the lot. Beautiful hand blown glass.


  1. I'll have to keep this in mind next time I get to 'come home'! What a haul ~ makes me wish I'd kept my Grey's from school!
    Have fun!!

  2. bobbie- Yeah, I did "good" this time - Can't wait to start cutting up the "Gray's".

  3. WOW! This is really cool. I'm afraid to go to garage sales. This gives me a vicarious thrill.

  4. Chris - Don't be afraid - just take a limited amount of cash, LOL!