Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birds of Spring, Too


An old drawer (E-Bay find) filled with small vignettes celebrating the birds of spring. Clockwise from lower left: ceramic hand with egg, more eggs, feathers and music box works/ background of nest & eggs, antique wooden type, brass stampings of flying birds/vintage price tag, cigarette card, ceramic egg and blue bird (thanks to Bonnie from Birds of a Feather)/ background of vintage window advertising, a feather pad from Michaels, egg shaped rock, small French chicken santon, glass teardrop ornament, cast iron bird, cigarette card/background of sheet music, upper half of steel clarinet, hummingbird nest, vintage stamps, wax, pewter bird ornament. The drawer was rubbed with gesso and finished off with green and yellow ribbon.

One of those pieces that sat in the studio for months and then suddenly pulled together in an afternoon.

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