Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birds of Spring, Redux

Debra's Nest

An old dilapidated, lidless cigar box was the inspiration for Debra's Nest. It was on a $1.00 table at the Cayucos Antique Street Faire and already had the dividers in it. My good friend Debra Jurey - jewelry artist extraordinaire - had a birthday coming up and loves birds, so... with the addition of eggs- wooden, real and plastic, feathers, dried rosebuds, leaves - iron and real, bones, cigarette cards, packing excelsior and a perky Easter chick it became a perfect homage to the little feathered friends she loves so well. A few well placed bits of ephemera on the sides of the box and it was all set for a happy birthday surprise. Well enjoyed by Debra and her cat Pinkie, as well, who almost dined on the feathers before caught in the act!

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