Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Eunice!

Eunice Goes to Town
...but not on the pages of Somerset magazine. The March/April issue arrived in the mailbox yesterday and I eagerly turned to the reader submission section to see if Eunice had made the cut, but alas, no. The theme was paper dolls, and though Eunice is made of paper -albeit a salt box, adding machine rolls and a vintage milk bottle top - I guess she just didn't fit the image of what they were looking for. But really, who could turn down that goofy grin and red hair?

I set myself a goal last summer to submit for every Somerset challenge for a year, this was the second piece that didn't make it. But I'll keep perservering and who knows. The upside is I'm giving myself deadlines and getting the art out there and in some cases working outside my comfort zone, so whether any of my pieces grace their pages or not, it can only be a good thing for my growth as an artist. But I gotta tell you, I do feel Eunice's disappointment.

PS. Big thanks to Lisa and Chris who alerted me to weird problems with my comment section. It's all fixed now, so comment away with impunity!

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