Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pyrate's Lunchbox

The Pyrate's Lunchbox
This was a very fun piece that I did for my colleague Destiny Carter's birthday last year. She's a big pirate fan. I started with an old jewelry box with a leatherette map on the top. I added, in the bottom drawer, a dagger and hip flask (for the rum of course!). I made a hard tack biscuit out of paper clay. Then embellished it with mold - fashioned from polymer clay - and plastic weevils. Old cheese rinds and a faux lime rounded out the luncheon portion.

The top of the box held a rag filled with pieces of eight, a compass and telescope, and this book. Made from a vintage photo album, the front is embellished with skull medallions and encaustic wax. It opens to reveal several piratical pages using vintage images, a fold-out map and more encaustic wax.

The final spread features this grisly guy in all his buccaneer glory!

All photos courtesy of Destiny Carter

It was a kick to work on and a delight to see how pleased Destiny was on receiving it.

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  1. O_O that's amazing!! Fantastic job, I will show this to my cap'n!