Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Theatre of Dreams

Last December Margot and I got the chance to visit Wendy Addison's Theatre of Dreams shop and studio in Port Costa. It's a tiny (Pop. 300) little town set right on the Sacramento River just before it runs into the upper reaches of San Francisco Bay. We spent the night in El Cerrito, about 12 miles away and drove over to Port Costa in the chill of an early winter's morning. We parked by the river and walked down the main street, snapping pictures of the glorious old buildings.

When we tried to enter The Theatre of Dreams, it wasn't open, but while we were looking in the windows, Wendy came and threw open the door with a big welcoming smile and a friendly "Good morning." It was pure magic, all of her wonderful creations to delight the eye. Everything in the shop was vintage, not just her pieces, but all the display units, racks, even the pins used to attach things to an old dress form.

We "Ooo-ed" and "Ah-ed" for over an hour, choosing a few precious things to take home. Wendy graciously brought out the handmade book she's creating and let us look through and feast our eyes. It's a limited run of 350 and an exquisite piece of artwork. When I ask if I could take pictures in the shop, Wendy said "Of course!" We finally tore ourselves away, knowing this was an experience that will long be remembered.
Wendy Addison in her Theatre of Dreams
The Theatre of Dreams is open several times a year for weekend open houses. If you're in the coastal California area it's well worth a trip. Check Wendy's blog or call (510) 787-2164 for dates.


  1. oh you lucky CA girls! I have seen glimpses of this magical place several times.