Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Somnolent Prince

One of the things Anne Bagby had us do in the workshop was to spend some time each evening drawing. Practice makes perfect - or at least a lot better - so if you draw everyday, it will become easier. She had us doing faces to use in our Santos projects. I've dabbled in watercolour and sketching, but usually landscapes and street scenes. I very rarely have attempted figures or faces, so this was a real challenge. I did about a dozen and was pleasantly surprised that a few of them were OK!

But what's with noses?! All of my faces look like they had had a horrible mid-face accident. And yet, if practice makes perfect - I should have some better noses as time goes by.

I used my best face for this little piece that I call "The Somnolent Prince". He's backed by canvas with cheesecloth laid over it and painted. The figure is made from collaged paper and his wooden hands and feet are covered with the same. His buttons are made from doilies with buttons in the center. A chipboard crown, painted gold, is embellished with a lacquered and embossed washer, and his scepter consists of two decorative wooden squares, again painted gold, attached to a coffee stirrer and tied with lengths of French ombre' ribbon.

More Taos snow!

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