Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seeing red

"RED" spread from 13 Journals Project 2005

I'm supposed to wear red for a Valentine's dinner at the upcoming Taos workshop - but, I'm a redhead, red is just about the only color I dont' wear. I have nothing red in my closet or my bureau - redheads don't do red! I do have red earrings, maybe a red scarf... will be packing soon, so hopefully the solution will arrive quickly!


  1. THIS is red!
    Well, how about one fabulous red hat? A red valentine on your lapel? A rose in hand?


    Have a great time.

  2. How fun!
    I'm a jealous wreck...a Valentines dinner??!!!
    Who CARES what you wear? along or don't. I'd show up in black and white and tell them that I'm the compliment to their RED! long as you feel like a million bucks.