Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rainy Sunday, Green Hills

In the last few weeks we've been blessed by several rain storms here on the Central Coast of California. We always need the water, but one of the wonderful things about the first few big rains this time of year is how suddenly everything turns green. When I left for Taos on Feb. 7th there was just the slightest blush of pale celadon on the hills, and when I got back a week later, things were a bright moss green. And today carpets of emerald cover the surrounding hillsides.
If we keep having rain once a week or so for the next month and a half, things will stay gorgeously green through May. And then, rich tans and pale golds will recapture the landscape til the rains come again in late autumn or early winter.
So while it rains toady, I'll be snug inside, by the fire, reading "Owls Head", another by Rosamond Purcell - a story about the ultimate in collecting "stuff". Happy Sunday!

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