Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Show and Tell

Nuestra seƱora del Oxido

Our classes with Anne Bagby resulted in Santos - depictions of saints, sacred clowns, etc. - representational or abstract. I was able to complete two and am pleased with both of them. The above, uses a rusted piece of metal for the female saint's crown or corona - hence her title, which translates to "Our Lady of Rust". The body is canvas, the face polymer clay, wooden crosses and canvas boards are painted and covered with bits of collaged paper.

Anne Bagby

The second piece "Mano de Dios"-"Hand of God" started with an old painted board that I found in the woodpile on the porch by my room. Delightfully worn and peeling, it became the perfect backdrop for a plastic backscrather, painted red and rubbed with gold,and then adorned with the face of a peasant saint outlined in gold acrylic. This was placed atop a length of frayed burlap. The small wooden dowels at the top of the piece reach to heaven. Two found hardware objects, one in the hand and one at the bottom of the board complete this Santos.

Mano de Dios


  1. Love your evolution of Junk to Treasure.

  2. I hope the experience (as I assume it to be) was all you had wished for. We find ways to shift and expand and the work follows. And yes (a) snow was/is something we visited (Pasadena) and (b) appreciate your comment. Someday we need to discuss mysteries. Lucky librarian.