Monday, September 20, 2010

ABC & 7

A B C & 7

These were a lot of fun. Grabbed several colours of craft acrylic and splashed them on 8x8 canvases in random blobs, stripes and diagonals. Then using a big stencil (a $1.00 score form a garage sale) I applied Jacquard Lumiere in Super Copper, Pearlescent Magenta, Pearlescent Blue, and Citrine to add another layer. Then 6" individual stencils for the centers. Smaller stencils - 1/2" and 1" - were used to as a fourth layer.

They will be offered individually, but look cool as a set as well.
Fun, colourful and available in a few weeks at Open Studios!


  1. These are like M&M's or potato chips. You need a handful!
    SO fun....

  2. I LOVE those Lumiere paints!

    These are really cool. These are colors I tend to use a lot. I agree with Lisa... M&M's!

    You're going to have a great Open Studio!