Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun @ Camille and Dawn's

Belle Epoque

Margot and I spent the afternoon yesterday with our good friends Camille and Dawn, for an art afternoon. While they were busy painting silk scarves, I did the above collage,
Belle Epoque, a celebration of life in early 20th century Paris. This is the last piece for the upcoming Open Studios Tour, October 9 and 10.
I'll be spending the next 2 weekends doing the "other side" of art. Mailings, cleaning, attaching hangers, cleaning, printing up price tags, cleaning, finding the credit card machine, oh and did I mention cleaning?! Actually it's a lot of fun and I'm eagerly anticipating having my studio open for the art loving (and buying) public.


  1. Much of your art has a fantastic Back Story. Your fans will love your fantastic body of NEW work.

  2. I am making this my desktop background. If anyone at the office asks, I'll take credit, of course.