Saturday, September 11, 2010

Which painting would you pick?

Paris Kiosk 10.5 x 14 (unframed)

The current House Beautiful asked several designers if they could pick any painting in the world to hang in their house which would it be? Lynne Perrella passed this question on to several of us and started quite a lively discussion on what and why and where and who.

My pick was Jean Beruad's Paris Kiosk, painted in the early 1880's and now residing at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. It was on loan last spring to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and I was privileged to get to see it face to face. It seems to me to the quintessential painting of Paris. If I can't be in Paris, it would be fun to have this hanging on my wall as a reminder of one of my favourite cities.

What painting would you pick and why?

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