Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cigar Box Wednesday

This week, not something stored in a cigar box, but something you can do with a cigar box. I made this Frida shrine at a workshop with Lynne Perrella 3 years ago. Starting with a small wooden cigar box I used craft acrylics to paint all the surfaces. Using matte medium I adhered the picture of Frida and the door image. Cheesecloth embedded with printer's ink provides a scrim over Frida's face and an embellishment in the upper right corner. Skulls and jewelry pieces adorn the shrine and narrow painted twine forms a grid over the right side. The twine was also used as an embellishment - pieces tied together to form a shock. The quote on the left reads "Painting completed my life". This was one of my first assemblage boxes and I am still pleased with it. Just one more thing you can do with the ever handy cigar box.


  1. Oh, the texture you achieved with the surfaces is yummy. Love the strings!!

  2. This is a great box. I love all the elements you have added. Giving all the steps you used for the different pieces is very helpful. Thanks for the sharing your information! I also really do love your blog.