Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cigar Box Wednesday

Cowboy Standard Time

When I was a kid cowboys were my passion. Every Christmas brought a new hat and a new set of six-shooters. And when I wasn't outside playing with those, I was inside playing with the little 2" plastic cowboy figures. For me it was always Cowboy Standard Time!

This is the front of the cigar box I used. I painted it with cream and blue acrylics and adhered the old brand list to the box with matte medium. Rubber stamp letters spell out the title.

Margot found me this great cowboy ribbon that I criss-crossed over the inside of the cigar box lid after painting it with cream acrylic. The rusty star is from an old spur (an e-Bay score).

And here are the cowboys, arranged clock style around a wooden wagon wheel topped with a Wells Fargo badge. I painted the back in burnt sienna, then put globs of Vaseline here and there and over-painted with cream. When I rubbed off the Vaseline, I got this very cool peeling paint look. Caps line the top and bottom.

I used the same paint technique on the back with blue and cream and added the perfect cowboy applique (another Margot find!). More cigar box fun - this one's available at Open Studios coming up on October 9-10.


  1. Cowboy Standard Time...that would suit many of us, I bet, if we could get the govt. to adopt it. Quite inspired, I really enjoyed it.