Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cigar Box Wednesday

Not exactly a cigar box, but I have a large collection of tins that I store stuff in as well. And this one (now that the delicious chocolate bark is gone!) is my Face File. This is an idea that the talented Anne Bagby told us about at a workshop in Taos last year.

She maintains - and rightly so - that the way to learn how to draw faces is to draw faces - for 15 minutes everyday. And for inspiration for this - create a file of faces. Cut up magazines, paste the faces on old business cards* and everyday, pick out 3 or 4 to draw. It really does work - but I still have trouble with noses!
*If you don't have any boxes of outdated business cards lying around, ask your friends - one (or more) of them will be thrilled to give you some.

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