Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are You Drooling?!

photo courtesy of Paris Boutique

Can you believe this pile of suitcase coolness? Just think of all the wonderful, amazing stuff you could stash inside these. I love the one on the next to the top row in the center - so jaunty in brown and cream. Which one is your favourite?


  1. Left side, sixth from the bottom with the red stripes. It was possible in the 80s to find the vintage cases at swap meets for amounts such as a dollar or two. I still have my "train case," monogrammed, a grade school gift from my grandmother. I used to carry my shoes and leotard to ballet class in it and it has been on every driving vacation I ever took...handy in the days when make-up and toiletries occupied so much suitcase space. It has a satin-framed mirror in the top.

  2. I like the white one on the left with the straps that are, I think, green. But there are so many good ones!