Saturday, October 23, 2010

Atomic Lemon - Patron of the Arts

It's encore weekend for the 2010 Open Studios Tour,today and tomorrow 10-5. I'm not participating in the second weekend this year, but Margot and I will be taking our catalog and going to several other studios to visit and enjoy the art. Apparently Atomic Lemon will be joining in the fun. Who knew this plucky citrus fruit was an art patron as well?!


  1. I knew all along...what do you think drew her to your house? Too bad cryogenics aren't quite real, she could be back next year. Have fun being the guests this weekend.

  2. A.L. and I have very similar skin.
    I'm looking forward to the Morro Bay climate to cut down in the wrinkle factor!

    So smart to take a little time to see other work and relax a bit. Keeps the Crazy-I'm-dreading-every-show-I'm-in syndrome.


  3. That's a good way to do studio tours, I never get to see other studios!!

    Hope you had a great time!