Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(Eye) Candy Store

For several months now I've been meaning to paint the white outsides of 3 sets of hardware drawers (you know the kind - you get them at True Value and they're made for nails and screws and other small bits and bobs).

I keep all kinds of things in them - game pieces, foreign coins, charms, tokens, etc. Well, when our friend Jim was over last week to do some handyman stuff, I asked him to paint them - and now they are a lovely matte black and look very nice indeed on the shelves in the studio.

While they were being painting I had all the drawers out, of course, and lined them up on the bed. They looked so cool I had to get some shots and that what's you see here.

Like being in a candy store!
I'll have some of these and some of those!

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