Friday, October 8, 2010

From the Bookshelf

Not exactly a book - but this year's Open Studios Tour catalog - available on-line or check out the list of spots where you can pick up your free copy. Maps and a picture of artwork from each of the 256 participating artists, along with all the info you need to have a fabulous Open Studios experience. Starting tomorrow at 10:00 am - no sleep tonight!


  1. whoa!!! 256 artists!! amazing, we thought our tour with 63 this year was huge.

    a book wonderful to have ALL those artists around you


  2. Go Girl!
    sending you love and confidence. Try to sleep tonight. You'll need it for all of the chatting and selling tomorrow!
    Big Love.....

  3. Erin, How can it be Open Studio - October - already? I know you are prepared for you've shared work with us all year. Thank you for the invitation you I have a piece for my inspiration board. I know it will be a grand time. Wishing you high praise and many sales. Love, Marylinn